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today. it feels like a winter day. >> one area we have been tracking has been ocean city. >> ava marie braved the elements all day yesterday. a big difference today. >> what a difference. the wind is not as strong. we could get some gusts up to 60 miles per hour. there was a little bit of debris and damage in ocean city. this is a piece of roofing. notices a large piece of roofing. that was the bigger concern yesterday. nobody was injured with that. you'll still see this strewn about in ocean city. coastal flooding is no longer a concern in ocean city. the waves are not as big as we saw yesterday. there's still a flood watch. we had some light drizzle this morning. there could still be an additional inch of rain throughout the day today and into tomorrow morning. that will add to the flood concerns. ava marie, wbal-tv 11 news. back to you, tim. >> we are along the banks of the jones falls. you can see how high it was at one point overnight. this water came over across the guard rail. we are here in baltimore city. concerns about the weather. you can see leaves along the roadway. the sh
miles east-southeast of ocean city and moving north. so it won't come up the chesapeake bay and that is good news. we were concerned about that a couple of days ago but it looks like it will come onshore in new jersey. we could see heavy rain on the eastern shore counties right now with lighter rain in the with respect suburbs. at the airport you see winds are not terrible around baltimore. north wind eight up to about 20 miles an hour gusting. they will pick up this morning and this afternoon. the worse part of the storm will be this afternoon and this evening. by the time we get there the rain will be much heavier, wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour by this evening 40 to 60 miles an hour as the storm comes onshore in new jersey. cold comes in tomorrow. snow is likely in parts of maryland. blizzard warnings are in effect in gerarrett county. we will talk more about there and i will take you step by step through the storm process in a few minutes. first well say hello to ava marie at ocean city. you saw the sustained winds up to 85 miles an hour so you could easily see gusts
problem in ellicott city. route 99 is closed because of a downed pole. the roads are a little wet. 65 on 83 south coming down from hunt valley. a nice start despite the fact the roads are wet. here's a quick, live look at traffic. southbound traffic is moving well. this is 70 at 29. traffic is checking out just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story, howard county police are hoping hidden cameras can catch a peeping tom. >> jennifer franciotti is live with more on this investigation. >> the roommates discovered the camera hidden inside a bedroom closet. police believe the camera had been there for months. you can see the suspects face wally set up the camera. the roommates already 20's in ellicott city. police say the man came in and installed a hidden camera and came back multiple times to move the camera into different positions. >> women have not been able to identify the suspect for us. our investigators have done research into contractors and maintenance workers and some of those -- and none of those leads have panned out. >> no sign of forced entry. anyon
posted on any problems as they develop. that is the latest on traffic. >> city police are investigating the shooting overnight in west baltimore. this extended to block of north monroe street. just after midnight. police found an adult movie -- e-mail suffered a gunshot wound. have updates as they become available. an officer involved shooting in northwest baltimore happened just before 9:00 tuesday night. near pimlico racecourse. part of a specialized unit of the force specially -- specializing with illegal gun offenders. >> there were on patrol in the area. they heard gunshots. they came to investigate. the individual almost immediately fired at police. >> one officer returned fire, hitting the suspect in the upper body. he was taken to hospital where he is currently listed in serious but stable condition. >> baltimore city police are searching for a man is a sexually assaulted a student on the notre dom of maryland campus. jennifer is live. when did this happen? >> police say they were notified about this monday night after the victim checked herself into an area hospital. according
back. the time now as 5:10. a live look downtown from our skycam. the city lights twinkling. the sun coming up at around 7:14. currently 40 degrees. of in the low 40's in the suburbs. today will be likely similar to yesterday. a lot of areas will see quite a bit of sunshine. a cold front approaching. watch out for breezy wind. guests could be up to 30 miles per hour. mountains come up to a sprinkle and the midday. orioles game in the bronx. >> this morning, the vice presidential candidates will be back on the campaign trail after a showdown last night in the kentucky. >> halle, where the polls saying so far? >> we are waking up this morning in the polls really do not show a clear consensus one way or the other as to who came out looking stronger. after a quick handshake, joe biden and paul ryan went at it on the economy. >> stopped talking about how you care about people. show me something. show me a policy. show me a policy or you take responsibility. >> did they come in and inherit that equation? absolutely. >> they fought about medicare. >> here is the problem, they got the bear -
and west bound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> new this morning, baltimore city police investigating a late night shooting in east baltimore. happened after a 11:00 p.m. near north carolina's streets. the victim was taken to hospital with unknown injuries. city police also investigating a shooting in south baltimore. officers saying the victim suffered from a gunshot wound in cherry hill. police still looking for information on both shootings. >> meanwhile, police are looking for three men they say are responsible for two armed robberies two minutes apart. >> that happened early wednesday morning. that is where jennifer franciotti is live this morning. with three know about these robberies? >> please do have descriptions of the suspects and sale least two of them have guns. the earliest in the morning when police were called to this area of roland park for reports. two people had been involved in separate incidents of our robbery and abduction. the purse top of around 2:00 a.m., a 41 year-old woman was approached by three male suspects, they say she forced her at gunpoi
of warm weather. we have some decent news in the forecast. much cooler outside the city. 51 in catonsville. a mixture of sun and clouds. partly cloudy skies. we will start out on the cool side. temperatures in the upper 70's this afternoon. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> some of new details of a shooting inside a wisconsin spa. three people were shot and three others were wounded. it woman requested a restraining order against her husband. one survivor from the shooting was released from hospital on monday. lance armstrong has been stripped of his tour de france titles. there was a report detailing overwhelming evidence that armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. >> cheerleading to be designated as a sport in all states as cheery has become more acrobatic. it would mean mandating physicals and better medical care. recommendations are recommended. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think cheerleading should be designated as a sport? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail
last night. 52 degrees. the current temperature downtown. much colder as you step outside the city. some rain showers as well. 48 degrees at bwi. only 45 in westminster. looking to the western part of the state, 34 degrees in oakland. the forecast for today -- highs only in the upper 50's rahm baltimore. rainshowers ending by about 8:00 a.m.. they will lender throughout much of the day. we are expected temperatures around 63 for ocean city. a look at the 7 day forecast when we come back. >> mitt romney attacks president obama's form policy, calling him slow to act. he gave the major foreign-policy address monday at the virginia military institute and talked about the upheaval in the middle east is the president has led from behind. he pledged he would be tougher on iran and criticize the president for being slow to be in the deadly attack on american consulate in libya as an act of terrorism. >> in close to it -- for a world record today by heading out of this world. attempting a 23 mile skydive over new mexico. we are told he could break the sound barrier which means he would be m
. >> an hour prior to this fire, the was another one and of the southeast portion of baltimore city and two firefighters were seriously injured. talk about that fire. >> just after 1:00 this morning our firefighters at the the the first battalion responded to a report of a house fire. they got inside. would to attack the fire. it overtook them. a may date was sounded immediately. firefighters suffered burns -- second and third degree burns to his face and hands. they both were rescued. treated at the scene and transported to baby burn center. the fire lt. is listed in serious condition and the firefighter in stable condition. >> let's get back to this fire. this is less than half a mile away from the fire at the park view complex. that was caused by a molotov cocktail. any idea whether this could be connected? >> it is difficult to say but there are no details or eyewitness accounts or any other information we have to suggest this may have been the same. however, it cannot be ruled out. we have our fire investigators and police detectives perform preliminary investigations and allow their f
. >> this city loves baseball. the city goes crazy. >> pete gilbert is in tampa bay for the final series against the rays. he will be live with the very latest as the orioles try to play for the divisional title. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. now that they're in the playoffs, do you think have what it all? to win bank it an you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> nearly two dozen families all looking for a new home after a fire. these pictures were sentence after the fire started. nobody was hurt in the fire. the red cross is providing emergency shelter. >> i came over and saw the flames from the upper level of the third floor. the fire was explosive. you have people who lost their lives -- nobody lost a live here. >> fire officials would not say what sparked the fire. somebody may have been grilling on their patio. we're all the two days from the first presidential debate of the election. groups can this part of the city in terms of the dream act. it wo
on the hiring of the new police commissioner. he outlined his plan to combat city crime. protesters gathered outside. >> the swearing in to replace two weeks ago. this is the first time the citizens have the opportunity to articulate their concerns. the people should have been involved on the front end. >> the mayor's office released a list of groups that were consulted. the full council still has to confirm the nomination. two police officers are on trial. officers james harrison and reginald baker faced second- degree assault. prosecutors say they abuse their power when they abuse john mckenna back in 2010. defense attorneys say their clients were trying to control riots. >> john leopold will reimburse the county for legal fees. the lawsuit claims sexual harassment by leopold. he is confident the suit will be dismissed. the governor is that the center of a legal battle about whether pit bulls should be considered dangerous dogs. it is believed that they are at liability is unconstitutional. >> 5:07. 47 degrees on tv hill. >> he has a cheat sheet. >> the latest on lance armstrong. >> attack
. >> this city has gone to the permanent closing but no firefighters have been laid off. >> 70 degrees at the airport. a controversial voting law in pennsylvania has been nixed for now. >> investigators dug deep in the efforts to find jimmy hoffa. what they found when we cover the nation. >> this is 795 at cut veirs mill road. there is a lot of fog out there >> welcome back. you can see some thick fog. the visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile in some neighborhoods. there is some drizzle out there as well. even some rain showers. you can see some rain showers going across parts of cecil county on the eastern shore. we'll start with low clouds and fog and drizzle and maybe some rain showers. then i think some sunshine will break through later this afternoon. a slight chance for a shower. high temperature near 81. when we come back, we can we cawe will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> pennsylvania's controversial voter i.d. act will not have any effect on the election. the law could still take effect next year. >> a big dig for jimmy hoffa's r
day by day and watching every pitch, every inning. >> a home game is also good for the city of baltimore with parking and read like tickets for fans from the visiting team. back to you. >> just sent tony and me the beer. thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. how confident are you the orioles will bring the playoffs back to baltimore this weekend? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to more orioles post-season coverage on our website, you can look at the orioles' post season magic in a slide show. you can upload your own pictures. >> doctors and hospitals are urged to stop using a steroid from a pharmacy that has been linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak. one person in maryland has died. 17,000 vials of steroids have been recalled. >> all of them -- they're in the process of contacting the patients come to any patient who may have been exposed to the product. >> to see a list of facilities affected, visit our website,, and click on medical alert. tod
asking for help finding an elderly man. charles turner was last seen last weekend in ellicott city. he is 5 feet 11 inches and about 210 pounds and bald. suv. driving a lexus as you th he was last seen near route 32 and fort meade. anyone with information is asked to call 911. a memorial service will be held for the victims of last week's deadly row home fire in baltimore. >> firefighters were reminding residents about fire safety. what was the goal? >> they want to make sure every home has a working smoke detector. it is easy to get one. the city 311 smoke detector program guarantees if you call, firefighters will install a working fire detector in every home.loor of your hazards like running extension cords from one court to another. >> sometimes people get complacent. they feel this is not going to happen to me. our hope is that more people will come to be mindful of the basic fire safety practices that they conduct in their homes. >> all this comes just days after five people were killed in a fire in a baltimore row home. memorial services will be held on thursday evening. her husb
. they made a determination to make sure their clothes. baltimore city, harford county, out. anne arundel county, two hours late with the exception of 17 schools. out west, they have all that snow. week will keep you posted -- we will keep you posted. >> my kids have school. more information at >> new york and new jersey are still dealing with some major damage. >> president obama will toward new jersey -- will tour the jersey. >> maryland did not get the worst of sandy. a lot of folks that are picking up the pieces. from the sky you can see homes nearly submerged. on the ground, the governor come for the people deal with their communities and with their own devastation. >> very difficult. >> sandy destroyed boardwalks and buried cars, like this one. >> the wind was blowing. you don't know what is going to happen. >> massachusetts to virginia to tennessee, people began the long cleanup process. >> the path of destruction is going to be felt for some time. >> politics took a back seat. people collected items for storm victims. >> it is part of the american spirit, and to give t
into town. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> baltimore city police are hoping for a big break in the murder of a federal researcher. >> hoping to track down the two men with the case. sarah sampson is live with this update. what is the latest? >> police are hoping the surveillance pictures will help them find the killer. a photo released by detectives shows two man sprinting down chesterfield avenue on september 17. this was the only sign of life on the street as dr. pete marvit lay drying. he was a federal researcher what he was shot and killed. the men are considered persons of interest. police are hoping it will help unravel what happened if they can identify them. >> the two individuals are identified as black males and possibly in their late teens. if you know their names purged information, please contact homicide detectives. >> police are considering a theory that marvit was mistaken for a delivery driver but it will not say if this death was connected with a string of carjackings in the area. anyone with information should call 1-866-7-lockup. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11
of baltimore city. off and on a light rain showers. steady rain would be later this afternoon if we get it. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> it was 10 years ago today when two gunmen started randomly killing victims in the washington, d.c., area. lee boyd malvo and john muhammad killed 10 people. malvo talks about those terrorizing days on the run and apologizes for his actions. >> look up the definition -- i was a good. i was a thief. i still people's lives. that is the definition of a monster. >> they were both convicted. malvo is now serving a life sentence without parole. >> members of the chicago said teachers union will begin voting on the contract. no word on when the results will be announced. new contract is expected to be approved at a meeting later this month. >> 5:12. and of the day, another car recall to pass along. which honda drivers needs to b have a heads-up. >> milk is being soured by higher prices. >> the rose or as little wet out there -- the does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voi
, it can show your orioles passion here in baltimore. the mayor will host a rally outside city hall this morning. they encourage you to wear orange. >> in an early medical alert, the centers for disease control and prevention releases new statistics and the national meningitis outbreak. so far, 119 cases have been reported, including the 11 deaths. >> the cases are on the rise here in maryland. jennifer franciotti is live in baltimore with the latest information. >> good morning. this outbreak is the reported in 10 states. and here in maryland with eight reported cases including one fatality. this is fungal meningitis we are talking about here. has been linked to contaminated steroid shots that really the back pain. how officials believe the contaminated medicine was made by the new england compound and center made in massachusetts and shipped to 23 states. fondle meningitis is the most rare of all three types of meningitis and factions. symptoms to not show up right away. >> there's an incubation period of a week to four weeks. the symptoms tend to come slowly. >> here is the thing
happening around baltimore city. we can see some light rain in howard county and carroll county and that is moving to the east. expect light rain showers to start today. i think it will clear up this afternoon. i think the rain will be pushed off the coast by late in the day. when we come back, we'll check the forecast for the weekend. >> health officials said an outbreak of fungal meningitis has cost at least 26 people to get sick in five different states including maryland. >> more cases are expected to surface. maryland has identified two cases and one of them was fatal. this form of meningitis is not contagious. the drug was distributed to seven facilities in the state. most of us look for ways to try to prevent the common cold. >> supplements like vitamin d did not help. the study suggests it is powerless to fight off respiratory infections even in high doses. >> what about tacos? it was a bit anticlimactic but the regular-season is now over and the orioles are now playing on in october. >> ava marie getting ready for the urban chic fashion show. details on how you can get
. once you get away from the city, it drops off quickly. 40 in sykesville, and the far western suburbs managed to drop in the 30s. could be a little frost out in the western part of carroll and frederick counties. partly cloudy skies to start. going to make it up to 57 this afternoon. the average high is 69. after about 4:00 or 5:00, there's a chance for a few light rain showers that may carry into tonight. we'll talk more about the forecast for the o's game when i come back in a few minutes. >>> scouring the nation this morning, funeral services are scheduled to be held for a border patrol agent killed last week on the mexican border. according to the head of the border patrol agents' union, it was the case of friendly fire. aye si opened fire on two fellow agents thinking they were army smugglers and killed when they returned fire. hugo chavez has won a sixth year in office. the socialist leader won more than 54% of the vote over a former for formfor formfor former venezuela governor. it's going to embolden chavez. >> the first commercial space flight is on the way to the internation
. it is cooler in the suburbs this morning. temperatures into the 30's away from the city. 46 in catonsville. 45 in pasadena and up in a cockeysville. a mixture of sun and clouds. the temperatures will make it into the upper 60's this afternoon. it will turn out to be a pleasant afternoon. we'll come back and check the forecast going into the weekend. >> new england residents got a bit of a shock after an earthquake hits southern maine. the epicenter was near -- people felt the earthquake all across new england. no reports of any injuries. it wasn't an earthquake in wisconsin, it was cranberries. more than 50,000 pounds of cranberries spilled onto the interstate closing down one lane for about a mile. a trailer split in half. nobody was hurt. >> this is week seven of the nfl season. the leak will announce the halftime show later today. -- the league will announce the halftime show later today. beyonce is wearing my black with the dates of the super bowl -- my beye >> 5:11. 43 degrees at the airport. with busy schedules, remember -- -- take it.n't new app that can help put your mind at
from hurricane sandy, a little weaker now. in the bahamas. and the city called front out to the west. snow and colorado. all of that convergence comes to the other by the end of the weekend and early next week. kind of the same time frame before all comes in. we will talk about the forecast in a minute. first the traffic. >> traffic is looking very nice. no problem spots at this hour. it looks like everything should be moving fine. 64 on 95 heading down south toward the beltway. on the harrisburg expressway, 64 as well. on 795 in the area of owings mills, 64 as well. our live drive times show we are up to speed along the west side on the outer loop. it will take you 11 minutes. and four minutes on 95 north. no delays or problems by. a live look outside the beltway here on the west side. you can see the inner and outer lips are looking light. -- inner and outer loops are looking light. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning is the growing concern along the east coast as hurricane sandy makes the way toward the united states >> already the storm is being
degrees in kansas city. we will see a big bump in the temperatures. high temperatures from 68 to 72 degrees. a lot of sunshine today. the wind will be 5 to 10 miles per hour. by tonight, we will see increasing clouds. upper 40's across the majority of the area. not as cold tonight. a warm front continues to lift into the mid atlantic. some minimal rain chance is. minimal rain mainly in the northern counties of maryland. in northern baltimore county, carroll county, you could see a couple of sprinkles on tuesday. most everybody else will state dry. we have to watch out what could happen in the tropics. a tropical system has not developed but there isn't 80% chance that it will -- but there is an 80% chance that it will. models taken up north into cuba. this will be tricky for the seven-day forecast. it could bring some decent rain by sunday night into monday. 76 tomorrow. said the nine by wednesday, feeling like summer -- 79 by wednesday. >> good news at the gas pump. you might have noticed that gas prices keep falling. prices dropped a and have sense -- 8 1/2 cents over the past two
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23